Our goal is to foster accessibility to four-season sports for youth within the greater Bethel area community.

Wether it’s skiing, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, etc., our purpose is to foster and enable the accessibility of outdoor mountain sports offered to youths in our local community.

Help us in our goal to raise scholarship money for the students of SAD 44.  With your help we can guarantee that every student will have access to ski at Mt. Abram for the 2022 season.

Friends of Mt. Abram is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, dedicated to supporting the community and the continued existence of Skiing, Riding, Biking and other outdoor pursuits at Mt Abram. Working in conjunction with generous donors, Ownership, other non-profits, government and private funding sources, we seek to bridge the gaps to ensure the continued use of Mt Abram for year round outdoor recreational opportunities.

This year we are proud to support the complimentary Ski Pass Program for students across SAD44 — another great way to challenge and get young kids outdoors with their friends, learn to ski / ride, while possibly mentoring one another.  This past summer we provided a number of scholarships for the Bike Park.

Additionally, we intend to continue supporting the mountain community by providing family friendly events — with the support of volunteers, we will offer different activities throughout the year.  
Small mountain ski areas continue to disappear at an alarming rate.  Dozens of privately owned mountains have closed denying families exposure to affordable winter mountain fun. There are not many small gem ski areas left.   Friends Of Mt. Abram wants to help keep affordable year round activities accessible for families.  

A FOMA sponsored  s’mores party on the westside for February break, 2022.

Glade trimming day 2020. Thank you to all who came out!

A recent project we completed.  The new A-Frame shelter at the top of the Snowfields.  Thanks to our volunteers this new structure helps add shelter for visitors who want to enjoy the natural tranquility and incredible views of Mt. Washington.


For 60 years, Mt. Abram has offered an intimate skiing experience for generations of families.

A true gem and unique mountain experience in Maine, Mt. Abram is a “throwback” ski and ride experience different from so many of today’s winter resorts. Mt. Abram’s uncrowded slopes allow you to experience a wide open run, an extra turn on untouched snow, and find your peace in the mountains.

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Being part of a ski mountain community is the
most beautiful thing in this world